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This firm is on fire! They are changing the world for the better. This CEO has never had an assistant. It is your chance to make a huge difference. Scheduling, travel, client invoicing, expense reports, media billing, office supplies, office furniture, maintenance of internet, phones, & computers. Coordinate all office birthdays, office gatherings, and celebrations.
This boutique, powerhouse firm needs you to handle logistics, planning, events, contract review, and project work at the very highest and intricate levels. Work with a team that is mighty and lean and pushes each other to become the best they can be. High energy, positive attitude, flexibility, ability to anticipate, and detail oriented are a few of the ingredients that will make you the perfect candidate.
This high end boutique firm needs you to manage social media and marketing campaigns. Must know Denver area as well for continuing events to be managed. Personal assistant duties from time to time. Property managed skills needed too.
Support this CFO who needs you to help run his life. He believes in working hard but having fun and about working as partners. This firm is about providing life changing experiences for clients.
This firm has been in business for over 100 years. Support their very top executive in Denver. Fortune Magazine named them as one of the "Most Admired" companies in the world. This firm gives to several charitable organizations and needs you to help lead forces on many of their "giving back" efforts.
This billion dollar international firm is bringing its corporate headquarters to Denver. They need you to work from home for the first 4 months and get them set-up. Then work in Denver office. Mandarin is extremely helpful working with international executives.
This thriving company needs you to handle their office build outs as they acquire more companies. Construction background extremely helpful. Manage all private yet travel. Coordinate and manage all company vehicles going in and out of all offices.
This thriving firm needs you to navigate several different forums for them. Executive Assistant to CEO - travel, correspondence, and scheduling. Contract Administration - review all corporate contracts. Project Manager - attend team meetings and be a part of managing various projects. Truly a fun and diverse job with a wonderful and growing company.
This international firm needs you to help run their General counsel's extremely busy division and assist with his daily work life. International headquarters located in France. Bilingual in English & French languages extremely helpful. Very little overtime or weekend work. This firms product is changing peoples lives for the better.
This century old firm needs you to oversee their: Mainline Water, Sever, and Storm Drain. Operate machinery in a safe & efficient manner. Enjoy year round employment with full benefits and retirement package.