Executive Assistant / Personal Assistant / Chief of Staff

Finding the right Executive Assistant / Personal Assistant can often times be just as important as finding the right spouse. 

Chemistry is a must when finding a candidate who has a heart for service, and their “high” in life comes from seeing their executive thrive. It is nothing short of an art form. 

The skill sets are unique to each situation, but the one thing that is a MUST in every search is CONFIDENTIALITY. This role must be trusted at the highest level. The Executive Assistant must be a vault. 

Tangent West knows where these candidates are, how to find them, and how to get them. A true executive assistant candidate relationship can take years to develop.  They are paid to be cautious and can not truly be on the job market because, many times, their bosses know other top executives. They trust Tangent West. They know we will only present the very best positions to them without jeopardizing their careers- keeping everything confidential in their search.

We have candidates the open market will never have access to. 

Tangent West has done Executive Assistant Search, Personal Assistant Placement, and Chief of Staff Recruiting for Fortune 1000 companies worldwide, privately held companies, entrepreneurs, private family offices, private families, athletes, foundations, and non-profits.

Searches completed by Tangent West:
  • Executive Assistant to CEO
  • Executive Assistant to CFO
  • Executive Assistant to COO
  • Personal Assistant to CEO
  • Executive Assistant to General Counsel
  • Executive Assistant to Sales Team
  • Personal Assistant to Family Office
  • Personal Assistant to Principle 
  • Chief of Staff
  • Executive Assistant to Board of Directors
  • Operations Assistant

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