We are the number one premiere Colorado search firm choice for recruiting excellence. We have been building companies and changing lives in Colorado since 1995. Our Mission: Simple To have long term mutually rewarding relationships with both our clients and candidates. Our Track Record:It is more than our ability to aggressively find top talent that keeps 88% of our clients coming back over and over again. It is taking the time to dig deep and ask the tough questions that allows us to understand our clients and candidates unique needs and be the best CO search firm we can be. Our Specialty: Colorado. Placing the best and brightest in Management, Accounting and C & V Executive Administrative Professionals.



Frans Foundation was formed in early 2007 as a venue for recruiters and other professionals to give back, pay forward and make our world a better place. Named in honor of Fran D’Ooge who has lived her life unselfishly, with the utmost integrity and devotion. Bestowing on all of us an example of exemplary human kindness.

Frans Foundation has partnered with ‘The Orphan Foundation’, a forum for working professionals to volunteer on-line, on your time, and have the ability to change a life. ‘The Orphan Foundation’ is a non-profit foundation dedicated to helping orphans once released from foster care with educational and housing expenses.

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As one of the original projects of Fran's Foundation, Project Ginger will encourage recruiters to give back during the Holidays in the same way Ginger Caldwell always gives generously of herself. This first part of Project Ginger will encourage firms to adopt a family during the Holidays through the Salvation Army.

Project Ginger

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Visit the Orphan Foundation today and
see how you can change a life.

Orphan Foundation of America

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Through the Orphan Foundation of America www.orphan.org, Tangent and Tangent West combined, will contribute 1% of all billings until $1,000 amount of scholarship is earned. This amount will allow an orphan to have all their books paid for during their first year of college. OFA requires the scholarship to be named and the student to understand why the scholarship is named in that person's honor. Frans Foundation has elected to have this scholarship named in honor of Janet Meyerson, because she is a true example in life that hard work and dedication can and will work if you want to.

The Janet Meyerson Scholarship