Your ‘AI first’ company is giving me AI fatigue

Cheryl Grimaldi

Finally, an article I can wrap my mind around and put AI a bit in its place.

I have seen enough resumes with the first skill on their resume being ‘AI’ certified. Or client’s asking for AI knowledge in candidates we send. Don’t get me wrong; I thoroughly enjoyed watching Bryce Dallas Howard this past weekend in her way cool AI generated movie ‘Argylle’. 

I have been the victim of AI fear, AI intimidation, and, yes, now, AI fatigue. I tried my hand at bat using chatGBT to spice up a proposal for a new client. Go figure, we did not get chosen for the search. We came across as too formal. Lesson learned. I am currently taking a class with Columbia Business School on family office management for HNWF and could certainly turn to AI to compete with my brilliant class mates but at this stage in my life- if I am not enough than shame on me. 
Your ‘AI first’ company is giving me AI fatigue
Not every company is an AI-first company. Stop trying to force it.

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