Character Matters

Quincy Crawford

Tangent West’s Quincy Crawford is one of many people included in a new book entitled Character Matters and Other Life Lessons from George HW Bush.  The book is a collection of essays from friends, colleagues, and family, who share their personal stories of what they learned from watching and listening to President Bush.  It is getting rave reviews, including this one from the Wall Street Journal.

The paragraph below is Quincy Crawford's excerpt from the book Character Matters:
“President Bush taught me that when you get an idea to do something, don’t overthink. Just do it.  Have people over.  Write someone a letter.  Pick up the phone and reconnect with an old friend.  Bring a little levity to every situation.  If you can make it into a corny contest, do it.  If it can be turned into a funny award, create it.  If you have enough people for a bracket, then, by all means, compete.  Take a landlubber on a really fast boat ride.  Leave a big tip.  Stop the car and help someone find a lost dog.  When the opportunity arises, or the proverbial lightbulb goes off, embrace it.  President Bush did something for someone every day, and everyone loved him for it.”
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