Interview Questions - Are You Ready?

Cheryl Grimaldi

    We have recently seen a shift in interview questions. Employers are expecting more from candidates. Being prepared to answer questions like.....
1. Tell me about the biggest mistake you have made in a position? How did you handle it? What did you learn from it?
2. What is your vision of how you can make an impact at our firm?
3. Based on what you know about the position and our company what is your opinion of the job description?

It is clear employers are expecting candidates to have a done thorough research on their firm and expect well thought out answers with demonstrations of how they can make a difference in the role and for the company.
The below article spells this out beautifully. 
Use this easy framework to answer the toughest interview questions
Having some key situations top of mind—and a framework for describing them that puts you in your best light—will help ensure you can tackle any question with confidence.

Read in Fast Company:

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