To Learn or Resign?

Cheryl Grimaldi

An interesting read that although the great resignation is over candidates are still looking to change jobs within the next year. The most important reason being they want to learn a new skill - to continue learning. We find when interviewing candidates the thing we hear over and over again is they want to learn, they want to know they are making a difference, they want to know they matter. 

As an employer asking employees what is important to them- offering ways they can continue learning and help you and the firm in the process. Doing this with the employees that matter most to you will help prevent any further resignations.

As an employee asking for what you want. If you see a skill you want to gain - research it - go to your supervisor with a way you can benefit your company and ask for it. If the answer is no you then move forward with a clear conscience knowing you did everything you could to salvage your current position. 

The Great Resignation is over, but workers still want to quit
In a new PwC survey, 28% of respondents said they were likely to switch jobs within the next year—up from 19% in 2022.

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