In 1995, Tangent West opened its doors in Denver when Cheryl Grimaldi, a Colorado native, returned home from the East coast where she started her career in Executive Search.

The adventure began at Grimaldi’s kitchen table with a phone book, land line and fax machine. Tangent West started out by focusing on recruiting Denver’s top Executive Assistants. These relationships can take years to develop because a true “C” level Executive Assistant is confidential and careful. They support powerful executive and any hint of them wanting a job change could jeopardize their career forever. In this day and age of LinkedIn and social media, Tangent West prides itself on presenting candidates that can’t be found on online platforms or through other recruiting firms. The decades spent cultivating those relationships and that trust separates Tangent West from other recruiters.

As the momentum built while Tangent West placed Denver’s top Executive Assistants, other searches started coming their way. Having worked closely with many “C” level executives—and getting to know them extremely well—they started retaining Tangent West for CEO, CFO, COO, CIO, CPO, CHO, other middle level management, marketing and accounting and finance positions across a variety of industries and outside of Colorado.

Tangent West’s clients are the very best because most pride themselves on building businesses with the absolute strongest talent available. The firm often hears – “You get the most interesting and unique opportunities.”

Tangent West will always maintain their Colorado recruiting presence as well as their impeccable client and candidate relationships. As the world is changing and growing, Tangent West is expanding too. We are assisting many clients with searches all over the world. In February of 2021, Tangent West announced an expansion to New Orleans with plans to recruit throughout the South.

Cheryl Grimaldi prides herself on finding candidates other’s say can’t be found. The tougher the search the more fun it is. Tangent West welcomes you to reach out about any problems you need solved. If they can’t solve them, they know who can.