Oct 16, 2019

Effective Dress & Demeanor for Professional Interviews

Having been a Denver Executive Recruiter for over 25 years we have learned a few things about interviews. There are many opinions about effective dress and demeanor for the professional interviews. Still, despite what you may hear elsewhere, the most reliable attire for a successful interview, for both men and women, is a conservative business suit in neutral dark colors. skirted suits and closed toes shoes for women and polished dress shoes and a tie for men. Jewelry should be kept to a minimum. You vary from this standard at your own risk. Keep in mind that this applies to any subsequent interactions throughout the entire process. Doing executive search in Denver, we regularly receive specific feedback as to why a candidate was not considered for a position. Each of the following has cost someone an opportunity that they dearly wanted. We are sharing with you the mistakes of others so that you can avoid the disappointment of losing an important opportunity: – Piercings – Perfumed hand lotion – Perfume/cologne – Tight or revealing clothing – cleavage – lacy camisoles – Smell of cigarette smoke – Sandles & flip-flops – Cell phone on – Short skirts – Dangle earrings – Excessive jewelry – Gum chewing – Backpack & bags – Radical hair coloring & style – Food, coffee, & water bottle – Excessive makeup – Chipped or unusual nail polish – Visible tattoos Here are some other interview killers: – Being even one minute late – Not making eye contact – A weak handshake – Taking notes on scrap paper – Not asking questions – Talking too much – Having your cell phone on during interview – Asking for the wifi code If you are ever unsure about something, Don’t do it!