Apr 5, 2021

Recruiting the Executive Assistant

I have so often heard other recruiters say – “How tough can recruiting an Executive Assistant be?”  Of which I respond – “Very.”   A true Executive Assistant, the kind I have placed since 1995, is almost considered a lost art. The Executive Assistant supporting “C” level executives, whether a publicly traded company or a small private family office, must have the utmost integrity, confidentiality, and professionalisms. For decades, placing Executive Assistants in Denver and now around the country has been our bread and butter and one of my favorite searches. I have such reverence for the Executive Assistants I work with. The Executive Assistant’s we work with many are not on social media due to the confidential nature of the executives they support. Trust must be earned. Which we have done for decades. We have a network of Executive Assistants the world does not know exists. This network also expects me to deliver. Which is why we land some of the most interesting and challenging positions. It truly is not what you know but who you know. We know and have the trust of the very best Executive Assistants in the country. Types of Executive Assistants: Executive Assistant to CEO, Executive Assistant to CFO, Executive Assistant to COO, Executive Assistant to CIO, Executive Assistant to CPO, Executive Assistant to CMO, Executive Assistant to VP, Chief of Staff, Executive Office Administration, Executive Office Manager, Executive Assistant to President, Executive Assistant to Board of Directors, Office Manager, & Personal Assistant.