Jul 16 2015


My oldest son Max is a great kid. Of course I have to say that, he is my son but he does have some amazing talents. He is brilliant in Math, a beautiful martial artist and it has been years since I could keep up with him on the ski slopes. He also has some areas he is not so strong in. One of them being baseball – he has played for three years and never once gotten on base. Yet every Spring he brings home from school the baseball enrollment form and with a huge smile on his face says “Mom you have to sign me up for baseball right now.” Of course without hesitation I do. Read More

Jul 16 2015

The Point of No Return

I find one of the perks of our job is the skills we gain from being a recruiter often overlap to our personal lives. Recently, I have had several runs with what I call ‘The Point of No Return’. It is the point where you have been pushed so far – you can NOT and will NOT take anymore and there is no coming back. The thousands of times I have had this happen to me in the business world have frankly made me pretty good at hitting ‘The Point of No Return’ and made for a fairly interesting story this past month. Read More

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