Dec 9 2019

A Good Resume Is Not Enough

Your resume is a living document. It changes constantly and yet we never think about it until we see a job posting. Well…that has to change. Updating our resume and keeping that updated resume available to you is one of the most important things you can do for your career. However, there are other things we must be open and ready for during the job application process. Potential employers want to see if you have the flexibility to go that extra step. This article in Forbes magazine lays it out and tells us how the hiring process has evolved. #tangentwesttips #denverrecruiting #denver

Oct 23 2019

Colorado “Equal Pay For Equal Work” Act

Earlier this year Colorado’s Governor, Jared Polis, signed into law the Equal Pay for Equal Work Act. This act is a step forward in closing the pay gap for women and minorities here in the Colorado workplace. However, this new law will not go into effect until January 2021. Giving employers and employees time to look and see if there is a disparity in their pay scale structure. The Denver Post article here,, explains more in detail. All around the country states are updating their employment laws to make it more equitable for job candidates. This Forbes article,, talks about all the new employment laws taking place in Colorado as well.

Oct 16 2019

Effective Dress & Demeanor for Professional Interviews

Having been a Denver Executive Recruiter for over 25 years we have learned a few things about interviews. There are many opinions about effective dress and demeanor for the professional interviews. Still, despite what you may hear elsewhere, the most reliable attire for a successful interview, for both men and women, is a conservative business suit in neutral dark colors. skirted suits and closed toes shoes for women and polished dress shoes and a tie for men. Jewelry should be kept to a minimum. You vary from this standard at your own risk. Keep in mind that this applies to any subsequent interactions throughout the entire process. Doing executive search in Denver, we regularly receive specific feedback as to why a candidate was not considered for a position. Each of the following has cost someone an opportunity that they dearly wanted. We are sharing with you the mistakes of others so that you can avoid the disappointment of losing an important opportunity: – Piercings – Perfumed hand lotion – Perfume/cologne – Tight or revealing clothing – cleavage – lacy camisoles – Smell of cigarette smoke – Sandles & flip-flops – Cell phone on – Short skirts – Dangle earrings – Excessive jewelry – Gum chewing – Backpack & bags – Radical hair coloring & style – Food, coffee, & water bottle – Excessive makeup – Chipped or unusual nail polish – Visible tattoos Here are some other interview killers: – Being even one minute late – Not making eye contact – A weak handshake – Taking notes on scrap paper – Not asking questions – Talking too much – Having your cell phone on during interview – Asking for the wifi code If you are ever unsure about something, Don’t do it!

Sep 5 2019

The Thank You Note – Part Two – Denver Executive Search

When proofing the thank you note make sure to read the thank you note OUTLOUD before you hit send. You will be utterly surprised at errors you find by reading a loud. Always triple check that you have spelled the recipients name correctly too! Here’s a Business Insider article talking about the follow-up thank you to an interview:

Sep 4 2019

The Thank You Note – Denver Colorado Headhunters

Having worked as a Denver Executive Recruiter for over 25 years we have seen a few things. The evolution of the Thank You Note after an interview is one of the changes that has occurred. An email Thank You note is absolutely acceptable. However, timing matters. The day of the interview send the email Thank You note. Waiting three days will not fly.

Aug 29 2019

The New Age Interview – Denver Executive Search

Having worked as a Denver Executive Recruiter for over 25 years there are a few things I have learned. The traditional interview remains tried and true. However, the standard dull interview questions are long gone. What we have seen in Denver recruiting and Colorado Executive Search is deeper and more thought provoking interview questions. Be prepared to answer similar questions. “Who has been your most difficult boss? Why? How did you handle them?” “What one regret do you have that you wish you done differently in your career? – Employers want authenticity!

Jul 16 2015


My oldest son Max is a great kid. Of course I have to say that, he is my son but he does have some amazing talents. He is brilliant in Math, a beautiful martial artist and it has been years since I could keep up with him on the ski slopes. He also has some areas he is not so strong in. One of them being baseball – he has played for three years and never once gotten on base. Yet every Spring he brings home from school the baseball enrollment form and with a huge smile on his face says “Mom you have to sign me up for baseball right now.” Of course without hesitation I do. Read More

Jul 16 2015

The Point of No Return

I find one of the perks of our job is the skills we gain from being a recruiter often overlap to our personal lives. Recently, I have had several runs with what I call ‘The Point of No Return’. It is the point where you have been pushed so far – you can NOT and will NOT take anymore and there is no coming back. The thousands of times I have had this happen to me in the business world have frankly made me pretty good at hitting ‘The Point of No Return’ and made for a fairly interesting story this past month. Read More